Ruoyan Chi

A graphic designer based in Toronto who holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from OCAD University.

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01. Ducky Tea
      ︎︎︎ brand design

02. Fresh Buttons
      ︎︎︎Packaging design
      ︎︎︎Collaborative packaging
04. Nuclear Power
      ︎︎︎ coin design, brochure,
           and infographic poster
Experimental Type Design
      ︎︎︎ 80-day type
           exploration of one
06.  Experimental Designs

       ︎︎︎ The Nine Realms
       ︎︎︎ Junk Collage
       ︎︎︎ Typographic Mapping


Including brand design,
self-directed design, web design, type design, etc.


Trying to combine clean illustration together with graphic design to enhance the visual effect.

Ducky Tea

Ducky tea is a brand design project. The name Ducky is actually an intended pun, it means duckling but also means charmful and delightful things. The overall design is combined with green colour palette and concise illustration design to include various groups of people, also to create a relaxed and welcoming brand image.

Fresh Buttons

Fresh Buttons is a brand design that focus on its packaging design.

The goal and mission of this brand is to be as inclusive as possible, to focus many groups’ needs rather than focus too much on just one group. Just to make everyone’s life easier, to have a solution that can help neglected people while benefitting the majorities.


ECOFIX is a collaborative toothbrush brand and packaging design project with Aldora Lau and Ella Yang.

The team aware that the current toothbrush packagings sold in Shoppers Drug Mart/
supermarkets are difficult to open. Additionally, the PVC used in the clamshell packaging is neither eco-friendly nor safe and easy to peel off. Therefore, this is a user-oriented redesign project of toothbrush packaging with recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

Nuclear Power

This project is about Nuclear power and salutes Deng Jiaxian for his outstanding contribution to China's development. The brochure itself introduces Deng's story but also as a holder for a coin that has his image at the front and his main contribution at the back.

Type Design

An 80-day typographic exploration of one poem. The goal of this project is to show the content of the poem in various different ways, to explore possibilities of typography off the grid.


Experimental designs are combined with small projects focus on various topics. Such as Cultural themes, environmental issues, or expressions of visual elements.

       ︎︎︎ The Nine Realms
       ︎︎︎ Junk Collage
       ︎︎︎ Typographic Mapping