Ruoyan Chi

A graphic designer based in Toronto who holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from OCAD University.

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01. Ducky Tea
      ︎︎︎ brand design

02. Fresh Buttons
      ︎︎︎Packaging design
      ︎︎︎Collaborative packaging
04. Nuclear Power
      ︎︎︎ coin design, brochure,
           and infographic poster
Experimental Type Design
      ︎︎︎ 80-day type
           exploration of one
06.  Experimental Designs

       ︎︎︎ The Nine Realms
       ︎︎︎ Junk Collage
       ︎︎︎ Typographic Mapping

Junk Collage

This project is about creating a three dimensional collage with many leftover materials from my other projects. I. e. the bubble wrap from the delivery packages I received, homemade biodegradable plastic and newspapers. This idea is inspired by Canadian-American environmetal artist, Aurora Robson that just simply start with waste rather than end with waste.

The purpose of creating such a 3D junk collage poster is to use trash to create a visual mess to mimic the image of water pullution. Almost all of the materials that I used are biodegradable, as I want to reveal more possibilities of usages of materials and promote biodegradable plastics.

Then I designed digital posters based on this 3D collage poster by rearranging text, adding 3D models. The colors are also adjusted to be bringter and more vibrant to create the visual toxic effect as humans can recognize plastic in water, but marine animals cannot. I want to use this visual toxic to simulate water pullution and the feeling of water animals living in plastic.

3D Collage Poster Design