Ruoyan Chi

A graphic designer based in Toronto who holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from OCAD University.

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01. Ducky Tea
      ︎︎︎ brand design

02. Fresh Buttons
      ︎︎︎Packaging design
      ︎︎︎Collaborative packaging
04. Nuclear Power
      ︎︎︎ coin design, brochure,
           and infographic poster
Experimental Type Design
      ︎︎︎ 80-day type
           exploration of one
06.  Experimental Designs

       ︎︎︎ The Nine Realms
       ︎︎︎ Junk Collage
       ︎︎︎ Typographic Mapping


ECOFIX is a collaborative toothbrush brand and packaging design project with Aldora Lau and Ella Yang.

Design Brief

To have a better solution for supermarket toothbrush and its packaging. An environmental and user friendly packaging.

Fresh, Touch, Natural

- 100% recyclable packaging
- Bristles catered to user sensitivity
- People can feel the actual texture of the toothbrush

Main advertising message: Clean, minimal, reduce waste


Pain points of manual toothbrushes:

- Brushing can be harsh: One study found that people who use manual brushes tend to brush harder than those who use electric, which can cause gum abrasion and the receding of the gum line, causing a plethora of infections and diseases to grow and fester.

- Difficult to handle: For individuals with arthritis, disabilities or dexterity issues, brushing motions can be uncomfortable.

- Compared to electric toothbrushes, manual
toothbrushes don’t clean as effectively. One
study found that people who used electric
toothbrushes showed 21% reduction in plaque after three months or more, compared to people who used manual toothbrushes.

Pain Points of Existing Clamshell Packaging:

- Even though it makes manufacturing processes easier (by using PVC), but the issue is that customers often find it difficult to
open the package

- They often come with hard plastic spikes, sharp wires or cable ties to pin the product down, and people can easily get hurt when try to open the package.

- Unrecyclable: The problem with single use “recyclable” plastic, such as clamshell packaging, is that it is not being collected,
and most material recovery facilities can’t even sort them out from the other materials due to the use of sticky labels or cardboard backing on blister packs.

Overall, PVC is good for anti oxidation, dust and rain. Cardboard is a good printing material to get text printed on the surface. However, this is a packaging designed for the manufacturers and the retailers, not the end users.


Here shows sketches of the toothbrush packaging ideas from the team.

Logo Iterations

After logo iterations, the team’s final decision is attached below. The combination of two abstract organic shapes resembles the
silhouette of a tooth. Each colour symbolizes a main advertising message: the dark blue
symbolizes hygienist, and the pale green symbolizes eco-friendliness.

Design Iterations

Here shows the refinements of the previous stage sketches. The team discuss and make improvement step by step.
- Bigger font size for readability
- Avoid exposing the handle for hygiene reasons: Instead, we designed a cut out so that customers could still see the actual toothbrush inside, and the toothbrush handle can still be kept clean inside the package.
-Longer package to fit the entire toothbrush inside

Collaborative Packaging Design

Target Auidence

Geographic: City and/ or suburban living
Economic: Middle
Demographic: Young to Elders
Psychographic: Healthy, Environmentally conscious
Physiological: Visual impairment, Normal vision, Colour blind