Ruoyan Chi

A graphic designer based in Toronto who holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from OCAD University.

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01. Ducky Tea
      ︎︎︎ brand design

02. Fresh Buttons
      ︎︎︎Packaging design
      ︎︎︎Collaborative packaging
04. Nuclear Power
      ︎︎︎ coin design, brochure,
           and infographic poster
Experimental Type Design
      ︎︎︎ 80-day type
           exploration of one
06.  Experimental Designs

       ︎︎︎ The Nine Realms
       ︎︎︎ Junk Collage
       ︎︎︎ Typographic Mapping

Typographic Mapping

Got the ides from COVID-19, COVID-19 reveals that there are actually viruses that could disrupt our regular human life. It is the consequence of human beings expanding territories and infringing on the survival of wild animals. Amazon rainforest is shrinking year by year due to climate change. However, Amazon rainforest can almost be called "the world's largest library of coronaviruses." So, it comes to this typographic mapping that shows countless unknown viruses in the Amazon rainforest, reminding people to take climate change issue more seriously.

This map is designed based on the actual Amazon rainforest map. The blue and reds are used to imitate the colors of blood vessels and the feathery finish to mimic look of the petri dish. The spread of these blood vessels also mimics the sppearance of human lungs as the Amazon rainforest is known as the world's largest lung of the earth. The bright orange is used to show the idea of infection, to grab attentions and alert people.


At the beginning, the background is decided to be white. To add more depth to the map, the grid is added and some parts are distorted to mimic the actual geographic features. Then the red outline of the map was changed to bright orange as it shows a better visual effect of infection on black background.

Amazon Potential Virus Library