Ruoyan Chi

A graphic designer based in Toronto who holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design degree from OCAD University.

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01. Ducky Tea
      ︎︎︎ brand design

02. Fresh Buttons
      ︎︎︎Packaging design
      ︎︎︎Collaborative packaging
04. Nuclear Power
      ︎︎︎ coin design, brochure,
           and infographic poster
Experimental Type Design
      ︎︎︎ 80-day type
           exploration of one
06.  Experimental Designs

       ︎︎︎ The Nine Realms
       ︎︎︎ Junk Collage
       ︎︎︎ Typographic Mapping


Ruoyan focues on digital format with minimalistic illustrative style. Her ideas come from various social issues and cultural themes.

Graduate from OCAD University with Distinction.

Work Experience

- Freelancer at Chengpin Creative Design, Toronto
as graphic designer and illustrator
Feb 2020 - July 2020

Ruoyan focused on illustration of brand image design for Toronto brands in Chengpin, and cooperate with other designer to do brand design.
She was also working on webpage design, logo design for brands.

- Internship at Marketing Department of CreditEase Shandong
Regional Management Center
July 2019 - August 2019

CreditEase’s marketing department is responsible for organizing a variety of high-end activities to enhance customer belonging which can help sales to acquire new customers faster. Ruoyan focused on summit theme design, logo design of customers’ gift, event invitation poster design, data summary, work report tabulation, etc.